Our Lord, Mr. Cegielski, can be a forgiving Lord at times, and a towering fist of justice when needed. He can forgive and forget, but when he is needed most, he can punish the sinners against the church, protecting all that worships him. The legend tells thus; at the end of the world, Lord Cegielski will shelter his disciples from the threatening of humanity. War, famine, and disease, none of it will matter. For be still, and know that you are memed.



The people of the church take place in a variety of rituals to please our loving God. These rituals include, (but are not limited to) Memeing the walls of the sanctuary, praying, but the most important ritual of all, the blessing of the challenge. The Lord blesses his followers with extensions and good grades, but for a price. If a follower succeeds in the journey, the Lord blesses them. However, if said challenge is failed, many things can be at stake. This could include your ability to talk, the functioning of your legs, or rarely, unborn children.

"LET THERE BE CHALLENGES." (Origins,  2:7)

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