On Album Puelladies, members of the church are invited to the house of typically a high ranking official of the church to watch White Chicks (2004) starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans. The Lexicon references the movie in the Book of Socrates, blessing the production holy.


Album Puelladies is celebrated on June 23rd.

Malum Filum

Malum Filum was the most recent holiday established, in fact, it is the only holiday that wasn't established in ancient times. Cegielskists celebrate the day Cegielski asked for help in his battle with the gods of Yo. On this day, the people of Cegielski wore masks and costumes to frighten the gods of Yo in an act of bravery, saving our god from execution. Every year, Cegielskists don the masks and costumes again to ensure the safety of Cegielski. Elders in communities also reward children for participating in treats such as candy.

Malum Filum is celebrated on October 31st.



Peperit Iterum is the period celebrated with the rebirth of Cegielski. It is a very special holiday because it is a tri-annual event, where Cegielski's beard of blessing enters the rebirth stasis, and emerges regenerated, re-created. The end of Peperit Iterum marks the beginning of a new Triannos, a period where the primary blessing of Cegielski rotates. Elders and friends alike give gifts of good fortune to the new Triannos.


The next Peperit Iterum will begin on December 19th and will end on December 26th, 2017

"LET THERE BE CHALLENGES." (Origins,  2:7)

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